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Spread Footing Analysis & Design Charts:

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Footing Design:

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Concrete Beam Design Charts:

Beam Shear Design

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Concrete Column Design Charts:

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Concrete Column Interaction Diagrams


Design concrete columns never been simpler. Click here for ready-to-use column strength interaction diagrams


Introduction to Concrete Column Design Flow Charts


The Column Design Section in Strunet contains two main parts: Charts to develop strength interaction diagrams for any given section, and ready-made Column Interaction Diagrams, for quick design of a given column.

Concrete column is one of the most interesting members in concrete structural design application. A structural design of a concrete column is quite complicated procedures. Evaluation, however, of a given column section and reinforcement is straightforward process. This is due to the fact that pure axial compression is rarely the case in column analysis. Some value of moment is always there due to end restraint, or accidental eccentricity due to out of alignment. ACI established the minimum eccentricity on a concrete column, regardless of the structural analysis proposed for the column, which is defined as the maximum axial compression load that a column can be designed for.

Column Design Charts in Bullets:

One of the demanding aspects in concrete column design is to define the controlling points on strength interaction diagram. The column strength interaction diagram is a curve plot of points; where each point has two ordinates. The first ordinate is bending moment strength and the second is the corresponding axial force. Both ordinates are linked with eccentricity. The shape of the curve, or the strength interaction diagram, can be defined by finding the ordinates of major seven points. Each point has specific requirement, as established by the code, and thus evaluating the requirement of this point will result of calculating the ordinates. The points and their respective requirements are as follows:

  • Point 1: axial compression at zero moment.
  • Point 2: maximum axial compression load permitted by code at zero eccentricity.
  • Point 3: maximum moment strength at the maximum axial compression load permitted by code.
  • Point 4: compression and moment strength at zero strain in the tension side reinforcement.
  • Pont 5: compression and moment strength at 50% strain in the tension side reinforcement.
  • Point 6: compression and moment strength at balanced conditions.
  • Point 7: moment strength at zero axial force.
Main Points Point 1&2 finding f Point 3
Point 4 Point 5 Point 6 Point 7



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