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Spread Footing Analysis & Design Charts:

Concentric Load:

Eccentric Loads:

Footing Design:

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Concrete Beam Design Charts:

Beam Shear Design

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Concrete Column Design Charts:

Interaction Diagram Points:

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Concrete Column Interaction Diagrams


Design concrete columns never been simpler. Click here for ready-to-use column strength interaction diagrams

Structural Design Simplified...


Structural Concrete Design Flow Charts


simplified and comprehensive concrete design aids for structural engineering professionals..


The Concrete Design Aids and Design Flow Charts are easy to follow and most important cover in details ACI 318-99 code provisions applicable to the element under investigation. The use of the charts may be useful in variety of ways:

  • Ready to use as planned steps for a structural engineers who likes to do their own calculations on spread sheets .

  • As a quick and accurate easy-to-follow reference for the engineers who still prefer doing it the hard way, that is manual calculations.

  • As a reference to study for an upcoming engineering exam, P.E. or S.E.

  • As A reference to a civil engineering student who is planning to specialize in the structural Engineering filed.

We are planning to add more charts for other elements and members on a timely manner, so visit strunet regularly for more updates to come...


PDF files format is a read only file, the user would need to download Acrobat reader to view and print the PDF files. 
note to our valuable viewers

sample flow charts snap shots (sample):


you may select to browse all currently available structural design flow charts, click on links on the left. Or simply click below for sneak preview


Spread Footing Design Flow Chart - Footing Subjected to Vertical Load & Moment

Ultimate Forces Calculation Chart


Spread Footing Design Flow Chart - 

One Way Shear (Beam Action) Capacity Flow Chart


Concrete Beam Design Flow Charts -

Beam Shear Design Basic Flow Chart



Reinforced Concrete Column Strength Interaction Diagram Main Points 

Concrete Column Interaction Diagram Plot



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